be part of a record breaking event this christmas


When? 6pm, wednesday 15th December 

WHERE? Your Streets!

HOW? tune in to local radio

Dorstep Carols 2021 takes all that was so popular last year and adds even more magic and sparkle to this nationwide event with Cathedral Choirs and professional singers ready to lead the nation in song. 

Working with BBC local radio stations & streaming to schools, hospital wards, care-homes, and communities around the country, no one need feel isolated this Christmas.


To remind the nation of the social and psychological value of collective music and to support charities that recognise that value in the work they do. 

⭐Help get your street involved!⭐





"I hope that the singing en masse will remind us all that music, especially vocals, can bring everyone together whether in unison or harmony. We must not let recent troubles make us fearful of using our voices"

- Sir Tim Rice, supporting doorstep carols 2021

We have developed links with multiple charities who recognise the social and psychological value of music in the work that they do.  You can find out more about them by following the link below, or do your own fundraising for your own local good cause.  

Doorstep Carols Charity Partners 2021


ProjectGetSinging was formed during lockdown as a non-profit initiative of MDBrunch who support a group of 600 vocal leaders. 

Our vision is to encourage the nation to sing together, enabling people to socialise again and bring their communities together through singing.  We work to highlight the proven benefits that singing has especially the impact it has on both mental health and well-being.