When? 6pm, wednesday 13th December 

WHERE? Your doorstep!

We’re passionate about continuing with grass-roots community singing and we know that you are too.  In the three years since we launched Doorstep Carols, we have seen evidence of its power to unite neighbourhoods, connect people, prevent isolation and promote wellbeing at Christmas time. 

Regrettably, without the support of the BBC, we are unable to guarantee that your local radio station will be playing the carols and we are not able to continue to grow Doorstep Carols as we’d like to this year. 

But don't let that stop you singing together in your street this festive season. All of our resources are still available for you to use free of charge. Or you can sing along to Shrewsbury's Carols in The Square (where it all started), hosted by BBC Radio Shropshire. We know that this is a community led initiative and we invite you to bring your community together to sing.   

The dream is still there - to have the whole of the UK singing together, as one people, united by participation in a joyful, shared experience.

We came close to achieving it in 2020, 2021, and 2022, engaging care homes, prisons, hospitals, choirs and community groups on village greens and in town squares - and even armed forces overseas, as well as people on doorsteps across the UK. Doorstep Carols featured on The One Show, BBC Breakfast News, Channel 5, Sky News and more.

We’ve not lost hope of having a single TV or radio network playing the carols for everyone to tune in to, and promoting Doorstep Carols as a national event. But in the meantime, let’s keep it ticking over. 

Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, embracing Doorstep Carols!

How You Can Help

Contact your local BBC radio station and request that they play the carols - let us know if they agree and we'll add them to our website for 2023.
Organise your street to join in with Doorstep Carols on Wednesday, December 13th, 2023 from 6pm to 7pm
If you can’t get your local station to play them for you - use our resources at

Help Spread the Word

Follow our social media: @DoorstepCarols23
Send us your pictures preparing for Doorstep Carols
Spread the word with your neighbours on social media (tag us in!)
Tell us if you have done it before and why you’d like to see it continue, or why you’d like to see it come to where you live

What Doorstep Carols can do for YOU!

Before we set up our street What’s App for Doorstep Carols no-one spoke to eachother. You wouldn’t borrow a cup of sugar. Now we have ‘gin Fridays’ sitting out on the wall. We look after one another. If anyone needs anything, like taking them to the hospital or picking up a prescription we just stick it in the What’s App group.”

With communities across the country ready to lead the nation in song and help continue this great British tradition. Working with BBC local radio stations & streaming to schools, hospital wards, care homes, and communities around the country, bringing everyone together at Christmas - and raising money for good causes. 




"Doorstep Carols is a brilliant example of how we can grow grass-roots approaches to engaging people and communities in creativity to enable their wellbeing."  


National Centre for Creative Health : Clinical Lead


"I hope that the singing en masse will remind us all that music, especially vocals, can bring everyone together whether in unison or harmony."

Sir Tim Rice, supporting Doorstep Carols