Doorstep Carols 2021

Wednesday, December 15th, 6pm 

We are back for 2021 - we'll be singing on the streets at 6pm, on Wednesday, 15th December and we'd love for you all to get involved. All you have to do is download the words from our website, tune in to local radio, donate to charity and sing along!

In 2020, Carols on the Doorstep was broadcast on 35 local radio stations and covered by BBC Breakfast News, Channel 5, The One Show, BBC Midlands Today and in national press. It led to amazing scenes of participation from individual streets and neighbourhoods up and down the country.

This year, with restrictions lifted (fingers crossed!) you can really go to town and have a party in the street, or on the village green, or in a community hall or pub. It's up to you! We just want as many people to sing together on December 15th to bring communities together and raise money for good causes. Don't be left out - join Britain's Big Sing! 


doorstep carols FAQS

How will we know when to sing?

Simply tune into your local radio station on Wednesday, December 15th at 6pm - Visit Tune In for more information. Carols will be playing until 7pm, so you can sing or play them all, or dip in and out - it's up to you! If your local station is not listed here, contact them to let them know you're keen for them to join in!

will we be in sync?

If you decide to listen via the internet, there may be a delay - make sure you chat to your neighbours about what they're doing or even better get a loud radio or PA system for the whole street to sing along to!


We are hoping for more local radio stations for 2021 - so why not contact your local station and ask them if they will join in? We'll be updating the list of local stations here: Radio Stations

 can I choose my own charity?

Absolutely yes! Working with LinkForGood we have forged links with charities that are in tune with our message - supporting music making and music provision in the UK. You could choose to support one of these, or raise money for a cause close to home. 


The great thing about Doorstep Carols is that you can use the event to raise money for good causes where you live. Feel free to use our branding and logos if you create your own flyers but how you do this is up to you!





how do I organise this where i live?

We have made invitations and flyers available for you to download from our website - click on:


You are welcome to use any of our templates to distribute to friends and neighbours, or to share via social media to let people know this is taking place. 


what should I share on social media?

Thank you for helping to get the word out! We suggest the following text, along with our special invitation flyer

We're taking part in Doorstep Carols 2021 at 6pm, on Wednesday, 15th December. Let's get the whole nation singing together and spread some festive cheer!

Please join in and share if you can.

Find out more at 


how did it all start?

As all good things do - with a crazy idea! Katy Rink, editor of My Shrewsbury magazine teamed up with Beth Heath, Director of Fun at Shropshire Festivals to sow the seeds of the idea in Shropshire during the Covid restrictions of Christmas 2020. A few silly videos later and Doorstep Carols was born.

With Doorstep Carols 2021, we hope everyone will join us to sing along in their streets, in town squares, Christmas markets, hospitals, cathedral cloisters, or even at the work party. Wherever you are in the country, tune in and sing - We're going for a world record this year!

We are especially grateful to BBC Radio Shropshire for being the first local radio station to join the party and helping us to get this off the ground and to BBC local radio stations for putting us in their schedule for 2021.

Also to Rebecca Smith from Link For Good for joining the team this year and for bringing so many fabulous organisations on board and to Street Theatre for our brilliant competition.

Thank you all for helping us to launch a new national Christmas tradition, to bring people together in such a lovely, festive and happy way. 

Long may it continue! 

Katy & Beth